Sartor, sartoris ... if there is a story behind each name, ours tells about a profession that has inspired an entire family for generations.

A project that took shape by sewing together the life and work of women and men, intertwined by talent and ambition. A shared entrepreneurial vision that has spanned the years modeling itself on an idea of ​​timeless elegance and uncompromising quality.

Before being a company, Sartore is a family that since 1984 has been producing garments that bring the Italian sartorial tradition up to date. Architectures made of fabric and thread and designed for a cosmopolitan masculine style. A fluid and dynamic style that, today more than ever, reflects the interaction between generations, between tradition and technology, between bespoke and casual clothing.

The story of Sartore also tells of an authentic Made in Italy, the one that intertwines a territory and its people, art and elegance, passion and professionalism.
The company is based in Tezze sul Brenta, in the heart of Veneto, a land where the search for beauty has imagined and built a city suspended between the sea and the sky, where the colors are the pink of the Dolomites and the bright green of the plain, where the countryside is dotted with Palladian villas.
A fertile environment that has created an industrial avant-garde that still today is able to enhance artisanal manufacturing. Here wool mills and weavers, tailors and designers have contributed to invent modern elegance, embracing the broadest latitudes of style and personality.
A heritage that Sartore shares and continues to spread through its collections mixing the attention to contemporary trends with an aesthetic based on the quality of the fabrics, on the care for details and on a naturally elegant fit.