The entire production process is inspired by a profound respect for the sartorial construction. A mobile architecture that gives the dress the ability to adapt to the body and personality of the wearer by learning to recognize and support his movements and postures.
Each of our garments is born first of all from the desire to enhance the beauty of exceptional fabrics, artfully spun by the best Italian weavers. In each garment, the expert eye and the skillful hands of our tailors can guess the perfect cut that will give life to a complete dress. The industrialized cut is still paired with the manual gesture with chalk and scissors to make sure that the patterns match in every detail.
Forty employees collaborate in the expert finishing of every feature. There is the talent and experience of a model maker, a cutter, a tailor and a presser behind the manufacturing of 80 jackets and 150 pairs of trousers every day.
The undercollar and the armhole of the jackets are still hand-sewn to improve the fit. The trousers sport 8 loops, a knee-length linen on the front, and the slit on the waistband. All these features pay a tribute to the purest Italian sartorial tradition, but at the same time create an unparalleled wearability, that makes the garments come alive.
From the design of the pattern to the shipment of the finished product, the production is an orchestra of gestures performed for an impeccable final quality. A quality that is loved and renown in our country, but increasingly appreciated also by the European market, North America and South-East Asia.