Spring Summer Collection 2021

The Spring Summer 2021 collection follows the common thread of lightness and brings together unlined garments with shirt construction, super 150's fabrics or blends of wool, linen and silk with Madras and Damaier designs (even macro ones). The color palette proposes a succession of coordinated vibrations. Pearl grays mixed with optical white create a very fresh marble-like combination. Cotton and natural fibers go from beige to the darker shades of brown. Neapolitan blue evokes a marine world of water, air and summer breezes. Ocher red fades into brick orange and mustard yellow with a super sunny flavor. Jersey jackets and drawstring trousers in shaded patterns reaffirm a comfortably modern way of dressing.


Soft constructions and sunny shades:

ocher red, brick orange and mustard yellow.


Chromatic vibrations with a “cool” taste, light fabrics and pleasant macro designs.

_Summer Blue_

Brushstrokes of marine shades and echoes of a summer skies in the tradition Neapolitan blue.


Beige and brown is the choice for natural fibers and cotton.

_Gradient geometries_

A soft degradé of gray tones for a lightness out of schemes.